Major Project: Merrigong Theatre Company

My major project for the completion of my University degree was the  re-branding of Merrigong Theatre Company, where I implemented a DNA dynamic identity.

The DNA set I created are called ‘gammas’. These shapes are based on quotation marks and commas. They represent dialogue and the nature of theatre. Added together they can represent space, place and movement – other elements of theatre.

The Brand

I applied this brand system over three different seasons, Season 2015 Neighbourhood, Season 2016 Act and Season 2017 Groundwork. Each season represents a different, important element of theatre and are expressed through photography, illustration and reductive style respectively. Each season has a season book cover, and a play shown through a poster, postcard and season book spread.

Season 2015: Neighbourhood

Season Cover

Season Cover for Neighbourhood

Play – Under Milk Wood


Under Milk Wood Poster


Under Milk Wood Postcard

Season 2016: Act

Season Cover

Season Cover: Act

Play – Stolen


Stolen Poster


Stolen Post Card

Season 2017: Groundwork

Season Cover

Season Cover: Groundwork

Play – The Rhinoceros 


The Rhinoceros Poster


The Rhinoceros Postcard


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